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What is a Motivation Letter

In case, you are applying for a job abroad, especially in Europe or South America, the most important thing you should have is the motivation letter for work abroad. This takes the place of a cover letter. When writing one, you should remember that both resumes and motivation letter for work is less formal as compared to those in United States equivalent.

As the name suggests, the motivation letter bespeaks your prospective employers and the reasons you are motivated to work for their companies. The letter provides you a chance to let others know the details of your personality, the kinds of awards you have won, the language you speak and the factors that motivate you to work abroad. Usually, the motivation letter is structured like a formal business letter. It consists of your home and address in the top right corner. Beneath the name and the address, you should mention the name of the company, job title and address of the recipient against the left margin. In European countries, they do not put a period after abbreviations of title.

Hence, you should put it like this. Mr or Dr instead of Dr. or Mr. You need to spell out the name of the month and use the following order. "Day ? month - year ".

In the first paragraph of your motivation letter, you need to describe the job for which you are applying and how you came to know about it. The second paragraph of the letter should describe your qualification that matches the profiled the job. It would not be right to just list them.

You should talk about them in detail. You must portray yourself as a creative person who loves to initiate. Show that you are motivated. The third paragraph should talk about the reasons you are looking for the particular job. Last, but not the least, the fourth paragraph should mention the information about you contact as well as times you would be available for interview.

In case you have used the recipient's name you need to close the letter with "Yours Sincerely" and if you used "Dear Sir or Madam", close the letter with "yours faithfully". You must take special care to type your name from spaces down and two spaces under that against the left margin, type "Enclosure". Thereafter, you need to sign your name in the space. Just above your typed name. Now attach your motivation letter for work of letter to your resume and you are done.

Here are some critical topics, a motivation letter should include - Your international background and experience. - The reasons that motivate you to enroll in this program. - Your aspiration.

- Take special care to put your name, date of birth, full address and phone number clearly on the motivation letter. Let your creativity speak about yourself when writing motivation letter. Make sure that you don't make your motivation look like a C.

V. Add your own style and make your motivation letter the best.

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