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Lets Talk Cellulite Two New Treatments in Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite is still one of those unfortunate physical detractions that so many people - mostly women - want to deal with and get rid of, and yet can find no solid, proven way to eliminate the appearance permanently. Hence, there are floods of women looking for that magic bullet that just doesn't exist, that will rid them of their cellulite forever. In fact, there are treatments that can currently dramatically reduce the appearance of the unsightly orange peel look, and that do work on many or most of the women who try them, however, there is not one that does not require follow up treatment for the rest of one's natural life in order for the results to be maintained. There are always new treatments that are supposed to be the latest, best thing out there, and there are two newer procedures and treatments that we are going to talk about today for cellulite reduction, called Velasmooth and the Triactive laser.

The first one, which goes by the patent name of Velasmooth, works through a similar process of an already widely used cellulite reduction process called endermologie. Like endermologie, Velasmooth uses the power of a vacuuming suction action as well as rollers to help "pound out" the lumps and bumps via force and break up the connective tissue that causes the puckered appearance of your fatty areas. But that's not the only way this one purports to help smooth out the problem areas. It's biggest draw is that it uses IPL, or pulsed light therapy, which is supposed to help manipulate the fat cells and the connective tissue, forcing an increase in circulation, and the fatty tissues that cause the cellulite to move and be manipulated by the rollers and vacuums, creating a more uniform, toned and lifted look.

The device itself for Velasmooth looks almost like a hand held vacuum, except that it also emits a light from the surface. With this option, the recommendation from the manufacturers is that you get roughly eight to sixteen treatment sessions to start off with as an initial way to break up the tissues and smooth the problem areas. The treatments themselves last around 45 minutes to one hour, and it is recommended that the spacing be one to two per week until optimum results are achieved, with follow up treatments done about once or twice a month afterwards to maintain the results.

And, now the most important part, the cost. Of course, as with any other professionally administered and monitored aesthetic treatment, you are going to see a higher cost than for any home treatment. The cost of treatments ranges from $150 to $300 per treatment, depending on the area you live in. In other words, this treatment will cost you more if you are going to Beverly Hills to get them done, but may cost less if you live in a suburban Midwestern area like I currently do. The Triactive laser is a similar device to the Velasmooth, except that it uses actual laser technology to help shrink the fat cells and help increase circulation and manipulate the fatty deposits into other areas to smooth the whole area out and create a more uniform look.

The Triactive laser also uses rollers and vacuum manipulation to shape the body and contour areas such as the buttocks, hips, thighs and tummy that commonly have a lot of cellulite on them. Apparently, this procedure has been used for years successfully in Italy before it was brought to the US, and women typically see results in anywhere from ten to fifteen sessions, with the cost about equal to the cost of Velasmooth but perhaps a bit less, depending again on the area you live in and the individual prices of who renders your service.

Danna Schneider has written several widely published articles on her experiences with beauty products and other cosmetic procedures, and also contributes to Cellulite Treatment Reviews and also writes for and contributes to Fitness Equipment Reviews and Advice , where you can find reviews on exercise and fitness equipment and get advice on how to naturally sculpt and tone various problem areas.

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