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Losing Weight with Nintendo Wii

Nintendo's fitness game for the Wii is on pace to become the fastest selling Wii game ever. The game, simply named "Fit", has outdone all previous records on by selling out its entire allocation in just one day. Opening the Wii Fit package you'll find the actual game and a wireless Balance Board. When layed on the floor in front of your TV, this board is used to interact with the game using it's pressure sensitive technology.

It picks upp all directional shifts in balance which is used for different game variations. Since Nintendo Wii announced Wii Fit, there have been many discussions regarding whether this game really can get you fit. Studies have been made on previous games like Wii Sports and showed that uses is able to lose up to 12kg a year by a daily exercise given from Wii. Now With Wii Fit you could really get the physical side of Wii to the next level.

Wii Fit is divided into 4 categories of exercises: Aerobic exercise, Muscle Conditioning, Yoga Poses and Balance Games. In total there are around 40 different activities included. Examples of the training are: Step Aerobic Exercise: a game in which the player must step on and off the Wii Balance Board in rhythm to the background music. Muscle Conditioning: Wii fit features controlled motions using arms, legs and other body parts. Yoga exercise: Make classic poses in this exercise to focus on balance and stretching. Ski jumping: Squat as low as possible while maintaining balance and hen quickly stand up as fast as possible in order to do a good jump.

Balance Games: Wii Fit features fun activities, such as heading soccer balls and hula hooping, that challenge the Wii Fit player's overall body balance. Nintendo has said it has at least ten games in development that support the board and not just fitness games either. Fighting and Sports games can also take advantage of the unique balance-based interface.

Use the Wii Balance Board for daily Wii Fit tests: Tests offered by the Wii Fit evaluate two key measures that everyone can track via progress charts: Body Mass Index (BMI): Weight based on a ratio of weight to height. Wii Fit Age: Measured by facturing the user's BMI reading, testing the Wii fit user's center of gravity & conducting balance tests. Is Wii Fit for all overweight people? Unfortunately the balance board can only hold 136kg so people above that weight better start losing some weight in order to use this game. Hovewer when you get to that range using the activities in the game will surely get your weight down even further and you will acually have fun losing weight.

Patrik Gisselsson has been specializing himself in video game consoles and is the author of The Ultimate Wii Guide. He also owns the e-bay store: You can get the FREE Wii Tips and Trick guide at the site

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