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Creating Your Fitness Business Niche

One of the sections in the "Business Of Fitness" training programs offered by The Next Level Fitness Solutions covers the importance of creating a niche for your personal training fitness business. If you don't have a niche within the fitness industry you are marketing yourself to your potential clients as a "Jack of all trades, master of None". And you are marketing yourself to your potential clients as "just another personal trainer". At last check there were over 246,000 certified personal trainers working in the fitness industry in the United States.

If you are "just another personal trainer" why would you expect a client to choose you over all of them? Let's say, for example, you injure your knee while working out. You need to have it checked out, right? So who do you go to? The local general practitioner? Or do you go to an orthopedic "specialist"? The local practitioner knows what he's doing when he looks at your knee, but I would bet that you would go to the "specialist". Well, the same concept holds true when potential clients are looking for someone to train them. If the potential client is a competitive athlete he/she will look for a personal trainer who "specializes" in sports performance. If he wants to lose weight he will look for a personal trainer who "specializes" in weight loss. Even if these are areas that you work in currently, "Do your potential clients know it?" And if you don't really "specialize" in an area, don't market yourself as if you do.

A personal trainer's reputation is all he/she has, and once you are thought of as a "phony" you will be ruined. Another important reason for finding your niche within the fitness industry is for you to be able to attract the type of clients that YOU want to work with. If you want to work with seasoned athletes, why would you market yourself to he general public and attract stay at home moms who want to shed a few pounds? Not only are you attracting the wrong type of client but you are also wasting valuable advertising expense. Trying to attract a specific clientele while marketing yourself as "just another personal trainer" is the same as a hunter walking up to the wood-line with a machine, randomly firing off 200 hundred rounds or so and "hoping" he hit the elk he was hunting for. The only difference is that the 200 bullets being randomly fired were your advertising dollars going to waste. Marketing with your niche in mind, though, is the same as that hunter finding the right area of the woods to set up, zeroing in on a specific elk with a sniper rifle and scope and firing a well aimed round at that elk.

When it comes to building your personal training fitness business, you need to be hunting with the sniper rifle and scope. Defining and fine-tuning your fitness industry niche will allow you to do this. The Next Level Fitness Solutions will teach you how to define and fine-tune your niche within the fitness industry, as well as every other aspect needed to dramatically increase your personal training fitness business and income, as part of their "Business Of Fitness" training programs. You have the option of choosing the Self-Paced "Business Of Fitness" program or, if your really serious about skyrocketing your fitness business, you can choose the Accelerated & Mentored "Business Of Fitness" program.

Both programs are absolutely risk-free since all of The Next Level Fitness Solutions' training programs come with a 60 day 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, to learn more about creating your personal training fitness business niche, and everything else you need to know to dramatically increase your business and income, visit The Next Level Fitness Solutions today.

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