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The Fitness Resorts will help you achieve a better quality of life at home. You will not only enjoy a feeling of total relaxation while you are with us; you will receive the tools to better your life in general, from such things as an improvement in your golf swing to small wisdoms, useful practices and lasting knowledge that will help you lead a more fulfilling life.

 Staying Active

Activity is a fundamental element of fitness and health. From increasing your daily activity and providing specific workouts to getting you motivated and turning up the intensity, we'll keep you moving!

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 Eat Smart

There are hundreds of diet plans out there. However, the bottom line for any successful weight-loss plan is that "calories in" are less than "calories out."

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 Relax & Meditate!

In an acute situation, when your mind or body is racing out of control, slow down your breathing to a 10-second cycle, 6 breaths a minute. Find a clock or watch with a second hand and inhale for 5 seconds (odd number on clock face) then exhale for 5 seconds (even number). Keep it up for 2-5 minutes, or until your pace slows down.

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